Top 5 Martial Arts for Self Defence of Women

The world can be a hazardous place to live for women. Women are the main victims of cruel crimes like sexual attack and domestic aggression. A lot of women are concerned in finding out how they can defend themselves towards violent circumstances, but they are not usually so sure where to turn about. The best way for women to guard themselves towards violent attacks is to be self prepared. Martial arts classes are the best place where women can enhance their physical and mental skills to protect themselves towards an attack. Giving martial arts an attempt could be a life-saving choice. Some of the top martial arts available for women are:

1. Tae Kwon Do

This martial art started off in Korea and is one of the top famous martial arts globally. The term Tae Kwon Do is interpreted as "the way of punching and kicking.” This approach is usually considered as a sport that can be viewed in Olympics and martial arts competitions. This discipline has a lot of efficient self-defence method. The style is mainly well fitted for women since there is the art's highlight on kicking. Men commonly have much upper body power than women and this aspect can depart women exposed in an attack. Tae Kwon Do provides women with an battery of overwhelming kicks that can aid combat the power of attacking male.

2. Krav Maga

Krav Maga was from an Israeli art that has achieved popularity. It is the certified self-defence scheme of an Israeli Defence Force and it educates its consultants how to transact from unarmed and armed attacks. Women can profit from Krav Maga since this system drills assists the students to perform both physically and mentally when under force. Krav Maga can allow women to shield themselves towards violent circumstances like sexual attack. Women can be educated how different body parts can be used as weapons when needed.

3. Aikido


Aikido came from a Japanese martial art that is not like most other approach. A lot of other martial arts are thought hard and linear methods that gather force with force. But, learners of Aikido are trained to redirect an assailant force and use it towards him. Aikido is very helpful to women since it does not oblige women to be powerful than male assailant in order to protect themselves. Aikido instructs a huge diversity of throwing techniques and joint locking that can aid women run off from a risky situations.Aikido came from a Japanese martial art that is not like most 

4. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

This art became popular from the start of the Ultimate Fighting Championship licence. A lot of competitors in the UFC utilized this style in their fight. Although some women possibly are not attracted in getting into the UFC circle, the struggle system of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be helpful for women to discover. Sexual attack and some other attacks towards women usually end up on the floor. The martial art has a solid emphasis on floor fighting, which can assists women trains how to guard themselves when fastened under a male attackers.

null5. Jeet Kune Do

Jeet Kune Do was established by famous martial artist Bruce Lee. Lee’s wish was to take the most efficient and the best of all the martial arts styles from a diverse of techniques and mix them in a fighting method. Jeet Kune Do educates their learners to deal with an assault in the most effective manner. Jeet Kune Do learner learns how to beat the nearest target on an assailant with the nearest weapon that they can obtain. Hit an assailant in the eyes using the fingers illustrates the martial art defence. The discipline is good for women for it teaches women to run away risky circumstances as quickly as possible before the hazard has the chance to shoot up.